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Iversoft has quickly become one of Ottawa's leading specialists in production and distribution of mobile games and apps.

You might be looking for the classic game experience, or maybe you want to create something completely different. We have you covered. We have experience creating games for various clients

We make games for everyone.

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We know, we know...everyone says it, but we mean it. We are a team of passionate, talented individuals that collaborate and create cool things. We've published millions of profitable games, both in house and for clients spanning the globe and we have fun doing it!

Culture is king.

Iversoft has been developing and publishing games on the app store since the app store started, in 2008. Experienced in all mobile platforms, Iversoft combines the best of development, design, and user experience to create amazing games.


Not only have we been developing and publishing games since Day 1 of the App Store, we've also had success. Each game in our portfolio has been profitable. With a customer base spanning the globe, our games only get better and better.

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We work with you every step of the way to create the game and experience that you imagined. We use our unique expertise to give you the tips, tools, and insight that allows you to create a beautifully designed, profitable game.


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